The Trouble in Aeon

Campaign Guide

  • The DM is never — ever — playing “DM vs. Player.”
  • Some encounters will not be winnable through combat.
  • Sometimes the PCs will have to run to survive.
  • Retreat will usually, but not always, be possible.
  • Sometimes the PCs will have to surrender to survive.
  • Surrender by PCs will usually, but not always, be honored by enemies.
  • Sometimes the PCs will be insulted and even humiliated by enemies.
  • The DM is not out to kill PCs. The DM dislikes killing PCs.
  • PCs can die. Bad luck, bad tactics, foolish behavior, and even fair fights can kill PCs.
  • Cool and heroic actions will usually not count as bad tactics or foolish behavior.
  • Good storytelling involves setbacks, and those setbacks can sometimes be very serious.
  • Good storytelling also involves PCs bouncing back stronger from serious setbacks.
  • The ongoing goal for the campaign is good storytelling.
  • The end goal for the campaign is success and heroism for the PCs

Character Creation

Characters will be created using the High Fantasy Point Buy system as described in the Core Rule book. Using the point buy system, all stats start out at 10 and may be adjusted from there using points to purchase higher stats. High Fantasy allots 20 points for buying higher stats. Stats can be dropped lower than ten to add points to the pool. The cost for increasing and decreasing can be found on page 16 of the Pathfinder Core Rule book.

We will be using the Medium track for leveling up, which can be found on page 30 of the PFCB.

Experience Points

Experience will be awarded on an individual basis and it is possible for players to have different amounts of XP (And therefore different levels) based on their involvement in the game. Experience points will be awarded for creative solutions to encounters (Talking the Boss down, luring the enemy into a trap, etc), surviving encounters (Disabling a trap, defeating some enemies and running away, etc), and role playing (Acting in character, performing some feat of skill, etc), and the like.

Originality and creativity are greatly encouraged and will be rewarded in some form or another, be it an item granted free of charge because of a background story or in some other way. These will be assigned on an individual basis.

Classes and Races

There are no class restrictions or limitations. I want players to be able to enjoy the world I’ve created for them in a way they see fit.

Custom races can be created. If I create a custom race or approve a custom race I’ll add a link to it here.

About the GM

I hate diplomacy rolls. There is nothing worse than blowing off a chance at character interaction in favor of a dice roll. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put points into diplomacy, as diplomacy is not just the words you use but how you present yourself. So there will be times in which a diplomacy roll will accompany what you’ve said.

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