The Trouble in Aeon

Session 0

Today the players met to discuss the campaign and what they want going forward.

First it was agreed upon that we would have a serious campaign with room for lighthearted times. In the interest of keeping derailment and sidetracking to a minimum we decided to use a “Safe Phrase” to bring things back in focus. To that end it was decided that when things start getting out of hand the GM will use the phrase “For the Greater Good.”

Players will earn Experience on an individual basis. The GM will from time to time reward players with extra XP for particularly spectacular role playing, creative solutions, etc.

We will be starting at Level 1 with starting character wealth. Players can choose to take the Average, or Roll for starting wealth but once this decision has been made it cannot be changed. Any Pathfinder Race is allowed as well as certain custom races. The same is true for classes. Some races my require GM permission.

Stats will be determined by rolling 4d6 dropping the lowest. Roll for 7 stats and drop any one of them. Hopefully this helps to reduce very poor rolls.

The party will consist of a Fighter, a Cleric, a Sorcerer, and a Swashbuckler.

Finally the date of the next session will be
April 23rd at 6 P.M.



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