The Trouble in Aeon

Session 2

A long night

The Party

Capella Nazet: Tori Swashbuckler
Giji Armalaud: Gnome Sorceress
Shakta von Hamlin: Catfolk Cleric
Tharuh Battleblaze: Human Fighter

The Story

After finding an inn to rest for the night, the company managed to get rooms on the second floor of The Serpent’s Pub. It was not very long into the night that the group was awoken by the smell of smoke and shouting in the hall.Capella, acting quickly, leaped from the window and glided into the street below. Unfortunately in his haste he forgot his gear. He soon realized his mistake and returned for his stuff before flying to the ground outside once more.

Coughing and hacking Giji and Shakta emerged into the hall carrying their things in their arms. A quick glance around revealed that Capella was nowhere to be seen. Shakta expressed no concern, knowing that the Tori had wings and could have easily flown to safety. Upon reaching the stairs the patrons realized that the fire had engulfed much of the first floor, but there was still a clear path to the door. It was Giji who noticed that Askal was nowhere to be seen and Shakta who remembered that she slept in the basement. A quick glance was all it took to realize that a burning beam had fallen onto the counter where Askal had removed the keys from. Under the beam was a trap door leading downstairs. Among the other patrons of the inn, a massive man strode carrying a greatsword and Shakta enlisted his help to move the beam. It burned their hands to the touch, but not badly and they were easily able to lift the beam off the trap door freeing Askal. The dwarf was having trouble breathing, and Human and Catfolk helped her outside so her breath could clear.

Meanwhile Giji began channeling magic, chanting and making arcane gestures in an attempt to slow the damage to the inn that the fire was doing. In this way she was able to slow the spread of the fire slightly. Passerbys had opened the sewers and were passing buckets of water up to help put out the fire. Capella was carrying bucket after bucket in his talons to pour water on the roof and walls to help keep the fire from spreading. Once they had brought Askal out of the inn, Tharuh and Shakta set to work helping. Tharuh began throwing buckets of water on the fire while Shakta went around to neighboring houses to make sure everyone was awake. Once she had gone to all the nearby homes she began shoveling dirt onto the fire.

In the commotion it was impossible to get a head count and determine if everyone had made it out of the inn. Once the fire was out, Askal thanked the company for saving both her and her inn. She had very little to offer the party, but she pointed them to a friend of hers that owned an inn in District 6 on the waterfront and she told them that she would keep a look out for potential jobs for them in order to repay them.

After making it over to District 6 and renting a room the party’s rest was once more disturbed by Wyne, the doorman at Hardisty Manor. He explained that Mr. Hardisty had a job for them. After the group had a chance to clean up and grab a bite to eat, Wyne drove them back to the Hardisty manor where they once more met with the arrogant, condescending elf. Hardisty’s frustration with Capella had not lessened over the past day, and seeing the newcomer, Tharuh, filthy and smelling of sewage did precious little to improve his mood.

Hardisty begrudgingly explained that the vermin problem in District 2 had grown increasingly out of control. He has petitioned the Salence council to allow the company to rectify the issue. They pay was a silver per head, non-negotiable as the pay was not coming from him. Tharuh, believing all prices to be negotiable, used his massive frame and his currently particularly unpleasant presence to cow Hardisty into going back to the council to negotiate for more.

After the elf departed Tharuh flicked some dirt off of his armor onto the floor, an act which greatly distressed Wyne. He explained to Tharuh that Hardisty would never see the insult because he would have to clean it up himself. Leading the company from the house Wyne was even more distressed when Shakta fogged up a mirror and wrote insults in some unknown language. Once again Wyne stressed that the insult would go unnoticed as it was his job to maintain the cleanliness of Hardisty Manor.

Immediately the group headed to the sewers of District One to begin hunting down rats. It was not far in that they found two swarms of rats that seemed to have no interest in anyone but Shakta. Ignoring the rest of the company the rats converged on Shakta who slowly began backing away. It seemed likely they would have followed her right out of the sewers had it not been for three larger rats showing up. Seeing Shakta these rats hissed and spit and the swarms suddenly appeared to realize that the rest of the company was there and began attacking Tharuh, who was nearest. Giji, Shakta and Capella were closer to the larger rats, which appeared to be completely normal rats, until they began to spit flames at the three.

Giji’s training in the arcane arts came in handy and she quickly realized that the fire was an arcane spell, not a supernatural ability like dragonfire. Under-prepared for arcane casting rats the group made a hasty retreat. Exhausted and without spells, Shakta held back the rats while the rest of the company went to the surface. Regrouping after that debacle they sat down to plan. Heading into town and splitting up Shakta and Giji went for maps of the sewers and Capella and Tharuh went to stocked up on glue, rat traps, rope and other supplies.

After restocking and planning and giving Shakta a chance to meditate and pray to retrieve her spells the four returned to the sewers. Much more prepared this time around the party went to one of the cisterns where they began dispatching rats. Taken by surprise by three rats phasing through the walls, the group had a much harder time trying to fend off them the semi-corporeal rats as well as the regular rats.


4 Brain Rats (2 killed) (Escaped from 2)
4 Rat Swams (4 killed)
12 Rats (12 killed)
3 Shadow Rats (3 killed)



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