Askal Stonesinger

The wise Innkeeper of the Serpent's Pub


Askal Stonesinger is the Innkeeper of the Serpant’s Pub. She makes a modest living and lives in a room in the basement of the inn. She has a few regular patrons, mostly locals who find her cooking spectacular and some crew from a few ships that regularly dock in Salence.

Askal was once a professor at Salence College, teaching dwarven culture and language. After she retired she bought the Serpent’s Pub from an old human who had once been one of her first students.

She stands 5’ 5" tall and is slight for a dwarf. Her long blonde hair has lightened with age and she wears it in a few braids with decorative beads. She is kind-hearted and treats everyone with respect, though she is tough on those who cause trouble in her inn.


Askal Stonesinger

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