Aži Dahāka

The Dragon King


Azi Dahaka is the King of the desert kingdom of Aglar and has ruled for a half century. Those of his line tend to live longer than other humans, though no one knows why. As such he is still in the prime of his rule.

He is kind hearted and has a just and fair reign. The kingdom is at peace under his rule, though he is not without enemies.

Unlike other kings who secret their treasure troves away, Dahaka’s treasure vault is his throne room. Heaps of treasure and gold line the walls of his throne room, gold coins scatter across the floor where people tread.

Behind his throne sits his constant companion, the great Brass dragon Shahnaz. She keeps constant watch over the vault when the Dahaka is home, and serves as his mount when he travels. No one remembers a time when Shahnaz was not the guard of the King’s treasure vault and his personal mount. Before Azi Dahaka, Shahnaz was his mother’s companion and back through the line for as long as it has ruled Aglar.

Aži Dahāka

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