Huntington Hardisty III

A young and enthusiastic elf who often gets himself in over his head


Huntington is a tall and lanky elf with sandy blonde hair and a look in his eye that suggests he is up to something but does not yet know what it is. He is friendly and outgoing, but is something of a fool. Second son of a Wealthy Merchant, Huntington went out in search of his mother’s necklace, which had been stolen from her on an outing with her father in the park.

His father tried to discourage him from this endeavor, knowing that he would likely get himself killed in trying. After over a week of searching, Hunting discovered an abandoned manor house in which Lasheck Haatta had set up camp and was working his drug smuggling ring.

Summarily captured, Huntington was rescued by a small group of three that his father had hired to find him. After accompanying them back to Hardisty manor, The young elf was filled with excitement, greatly inspired by the three adventurers, Huntington decided that he could do more good helping people than in being the Second Son.

Huntington Hardisty III

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