Sir Huntington Hardisty II

A stern noble, loving husband and exasperated father


A wealthy noble of Salence who serves on the city counsel as one of it’s lead members. He has little patience for foolishness or those who seek to take advantage of him and as such both his son and Capella Nazet try his patience.

Hardisty hired a small group of little known common folk who appeared to be capable in order to retrieve his wife’s necklace. It was of great sentimental value to them both, as Hardisty had given it to her over fifty years ago as a betrothal necklace. Upon hiring the group and giving them their task he also asked that if they found his son and he was in fact still alive to “Tell him to come home.”

He was shocked when several days later that very band of commoners walked through his front door led by his wayward second son. He paid the group a tidy sum of 30 gold pieces and dismissed them, promising that if they left their address with his doorman he would contact them if any other work happened to come up.

Sir Huntington Hardisty II

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