The Trouble in Aeon

Session 2
A long night

The Party

Capella Nazet: Tori Swashbuckler
Giji Armalaud: Gnome Sorceress
Shakta von Hamlin: Catfolk Cleric
Tharuh Battleblaze: Human Fighter

The Story

After finding an inn to rest for the night, the company managed to get rooms on the second floor of The Serpent’s Pub. It was not very long into the night that the group was awoken by the smell of smoke and shouting in the hall.Capella, acting quickly, leaped from the window and glided into the street below. Unfortunately in his haste he forgot his gear. He soon realized his mistake and returned for his stuff before flying to the ground outside once more.

Coughing and hacking Giji and Shakta emerged into the hall carrying their things in their arms. A quick glance around revealed that Capella was nowhere to be seen. Shakta expressed no concern, knowing that the Tori had wings and could have easily flown to safety. Upon reaching the stairs the patrons realized that the fire had engulfed much of the first floor, but there was still a clear path to the door. It was Giji who noticed that Askal was nowhere to be seen and Shakta who remembered that she slept in the basement. A quick glance was all it took to realize that a burning beam had fallen onto the counter where Askal had removed the keys from. Under the beam was a trap door leading downstairs. Among the other patrons of the inn, a massive man strode carrying a greatsword and Shakta enlisted his help to move the beam. It burned their hands to the touch, but not badly and they were easily able to lift the beam off the trap door freeing Askal. The dwarf was having trouble breathing, and Human and Catfolk helped her outside so her breath could clear.

Meanwhile Giji began channeling magic, chanting and making arcane gestures in an attempt to slow the damage to the inn that the fire was doing. In this way she was able to slow the spread of the fire slightly. Passerbys had opened the sewers and were passing buckets of water up to help put out the fire. Capella was carrying bucket after bucket in his talons to pour water on the roof and walls to help keep the fire from spreading. Once they had brought Askal out of the inn, Tharuh and Shakta set to work helping. Tharuh began throwing buckets of water on the fire while Shakta went around to neighboring houses to make sure everyone was awake. Once she had gone to all the nearby homes she began shoveling dirt onto the fire.

In the commotion it was impossible to get a head count and determine if everyone had made it out of the inn. Once the fire was out, Askal thanked the company for saving both her and her inn. She had very little to offer the party, but she pointed them to a friend of hers that owned an inn in District 6 on the waterfront and she told them that she would keep a look out for potential jobs for them in order to repay them.

After making it over to District 6 and renting a room the party’s rest was once more disturbed by Wyne, the doorman at Hardisty Manor. He explained that Mr. Hardisty had a job for them. After the group had a chance to clean up and grab a bite to eat, Wyne drove them back to the Hardisty manor where they once more met with the arrogant, condescending elf. Hardisty’s frustration with Capella had not lessened over the past day, and seeing the newcomer, Tharuh, filthy and smelling of sewage did precious little to improve his mood.

Hardisty begrudgingly explained that the vermin problem in District 2 had grown increasingly out of control. He has petitioned the Salence council to allow the company to rectify the issue. They pay was a silver per head, non-negotiable as the pay was not coming from him. Tharuh, believing all prices to be negotiable, used his massive frame and his currently particularly unpleasant presence to cow Hardisty into going back to the council to negotiate for more.

After the elf departed Tharuh flicked some dirt off of his armor onto the floor, an act which greatly distressed Wyne. He explained to Tharuh that Hardisty would never see the insult because he would have to clean it up himself. Leading the company from the house Wyne was even more distressed when Shakta fogged up a mirror and wrote insults in some unknown language. Once again Wyne stressed that the insult would go unnoticed as it was his job to maintain the cleanliness of Hardisty Manor.

Immediately the group headed to the sewers of District One to begin hunting down rats. It was not far in that they found two swarms of rats that seemed to have no interest in anyone but Shakta. Ignoring the rest of the company the rats converged on Shakta who slowly began backing away. It seemed likely they would have followed her right out of the sewers had it not been for three larger rats showing up. Seeing Shakta these rats hissed and spit and the swarms suddenly appeared to realize that the rest of the company was there and began attacking Tharuh, who was nearest. Giji, Shakta and Capella were closer to the larger rats, which appeared to be completely normal rats, until they began to spit flames at the three.

Giji’s training in the arcane arts came in handy and she quickly realized that the fire was an arcane spell, not a supernatural ability like dragonfire. Under-prepared for arcane casting rats the group made a hasty retreat. Exhausted and without spells, Shakta held back the rats while the rest of the company went to the surface. Regrouping after that debacle they sat down to plan. Heading into town and splitting up Shakta and Giji went for maps of the sewers and Capella and Tharuh went to stocked up on glue, rat traps, rope and other supplies.

After restocking and planning and giving Shakta a chance to meditate and pray to retrieve her spells the four returned to the sewers. Much more prepared this time around the party went to one of the cisterns where they began dispatching rats. Taken by surprise by three rats phasing through the walls, the group had a much harder time trying to fend off them the semi-corporeal rats as well as the regular rats.


4 Brain Rats (2 killed) (Escaped from 2)
4 Rat Swams (4 killed)
12 Rats (12 killed)
3 Shadow Rats (3 killed)

Session 1
Finding Work

The Party

Capella Nazet: Tori Swashbuckler
Giji Armalaud: Gnome Sorceress
Shakta von Hamlin: Catfolk Cleric


The party was contacted by Sir Huntington Hardisty II. Hardisty needed someone to find the man who had stolen his wife’s necklace. The necklace was but a trinket, but held great sentimental value to him and his wife. The three were told they would be paid a tidy sum in return for retrieving the necklace. Hardisty also requested that if the trio found his second son.

The party spent two days tracking down the man who stole the necklace and managed to get a name and location, an abandoned manor house in the slums of District 4 that now served as a squat house for the homeless and drunks. They approached the house just before dusk on April 23, 9999…

The Story

Capella and Giji remained in front of the Manor while Shakta made her approach from the rear. Capella entered through the crumbling walls where the grand front door used to be in order to get a look around. Meanwhile Shakta entered through a similar hole in the back wall. Giji initially remained outside, waiting for a report from Capella before attempting to send a magical message to Shakta.

Unfortunately due to not knowing Shakta’s exact location, the message was intercepted by one of Lasheck’s hired thugs, Hendereye. Utilizing the mistake as a distraction, Giji lured the man into a side room and allowed herself and Capella to enter the Main Hall where they found a man lying by a fountain reeking of booze and filth. Capella woke him for questioning, but the drunk knew nothing and Capella went back to sleep.

Shakta examined a bookcase found in the hall she had entered and discovered an ancient secret passage that allowed her easy entry into the next room over, bypassing a patrolling mercenary. In the second room the catfolk discovered a man sleeping on the floor near a broken table. Upon being woken by Shakta the man appeared confused and his eyes would not focus. Shakta noticed that there was no smell of alcohol on him however and questioned him about the necklace. It was not hard to discover that the man was in fact one of Lasheck’s henchmen and when he passed out once more Shakta slit his throat.

In the front Hall, Hendereye managed to find Capella and Giji and confronted them, the noise drawing the attention of the massive Tybaut. Tybaut demanded to know what the two were doing there and the quick thinking swashbucker explained that his cousin had sent him down to look for work. Tybaut did not care, and instead told Capella that the only thing they would find here was a beating.

Meanwhile Shakta searched the body of the man who she had killed looking for the necklace. Unfortunately she found only a vial of some drug half used. Pocketing it she slipped off to search the next room. Pulling the door too behind her she found piles of small crates in a dark room. Taking a minute she began to attempt to pry the lid off of one of the crates. Inside she found the crates were filled with vials of drugs.

Capella and Giji slipped out of the manor house and Hendereye and Tybaut moved to inform Lasheck of the disturbance. While Capella and Giji managed to slip back in and began searching other rooms. Hearing a sound in one of the rooms they peered into the keyhold and found someone standing right near the door. Opening the door Giji and Capella were once again reunited with Shakta. Pushing the door too they began to share information.

The planning was cut short by the sound of a hand on the doorknob. One of Lasheck’s thugs named Azer had seen someone enter the storage room and wanted to make sure it was one of his fellow gang members. On his way to the door he met up with Tybaut who was on his way to warn Azer about the intrusion. The group scattered, Gigi heading further into the room to hide in the shadows, Shakta moved behind the crates next to the door and Capella hid by another door to the basement.

Tybaut was the first to enter, followed by Azer. As soon as the brute Tybaut entered into the room Giji muttered a few words made several arcane gestures and when the unseen energy welled up inside her she directed it towards the thugs in the doorway. Azer shook it off, but Tybaut fell like a stone, fast asleep. Capella slipped from his hiding place and engaged Azer in combat, having drawn his rapier.

After the two exchanged blows, Shakta slipped forward, shut and locked the door before driving his scizor deep into Azer’s side. Azer dropped his weapon and surrendered, putting himself at the mercy of the trio. The party had just enough time to slit Tybaut’s throat and question Azer about the necklace before the door shuddered and cracked under the blow of a heavy boot.

Capella opened the door to the basement and asked what lie down there. Azer explained it was an empty basement, full of rats, and answer that Shakta was none to happy to hear. Capella gave Azer a firm shove and he fell down the stairs, the pain of his injuries and the pain from falling down the stairs combined to knock him unconscious.

Another kick shattered the door around the lock and broke one of the rusted hinges causing it to fall forward and in strode Hendereye. Lasheck had left Hendereye to enter as a distraction while he slipped around to a door on the far end of the storage room that the party was unaware of. Between Shakta and Capella Hendereye was quickly defeated and surrendered but Lasheck had all the time he needed.

Capella took Hendereye as a hostage, believing him to be Lasheck, and demanded that he called off his henchmen while Shakta light a lantern that she had. Lasheck slipped up behind Giji, who was too far in the dark for the other two to see, and ran her through with his scimitar. Giji felt a burning pain in her abdomen and when she looked down she saw the tip of a scimitar sticking out of her stomach. Her vision began to fade and just before she fell unconscious she felt a hand on her shoulder and heard a voice whisper in her ear “He is not the leader.”

Then she blacked out.

Capella and Shakta heard a thump as Lasheck failed to catch Giji as she slipped off of his scimitar blade. Capella demanded that the assailant drop his weapon and Shakta demanded that the weapon be kicked over to them. Lasheck complied with the demands, knowing he would not be seen and the two were surprised when they heard a scimitar clatter to the floor and come skidding into the light. Lasheck then drew his shortbow and moved to another side of the room, hoping to make it seem like there were more people in the room. Taking aim at Capella, Laschek let fly an arrow, barely missing. As the Arrow whistled past Capella’s ear, Shakta took note of where it came from and slid her lantern across the floor, exposing Lasheck with the light.

Lasheck dropped the next arrow he had knocked and let the bow fall to his side. He was out numbered and he knew it, and he would rather live to fight another day if possible. While Shakta ran to treat Giji, Capella confronted Lasheck about the necklace. Surprised that they were not looking for the young Elf noble who they had captured earlier, Lasheck pulled the necklace from his coat and tossed it on the table between the him and Capella before turning to leave.

Capella was surprised at how easily Lasheck gave up the necklace and confronted Hendereye. Hendereye was in far too much pain to not comply and simply explained that everyone had thought they were here to rescue the elf who they were going to randsome off. Capella prodded Hendereye with his rapier and told him that he wanted to be taken to the elf. Hendereye made an attempt to stand, but pain overwhelmed him and he blacked out.

Capella searched for Huntington Hardisty III and Shakta spent the next hour stabilizing and tending to Giji. Once Giji was stable and conscious again the group set off to return the necklace to Hardisty Manor.

Catching a carriage back to Hardisty Manor was a simple task, though Capella paid a gold up front for the ride and the driver mistakenly believed it was an incredibly generous tip! Upon reaching their destination and having not received his change, the swashbuckler leaned out the front window and discreetly pressed his rapier against the back of the driver’s neck and demanded his change.The driver, bewildered and confused was about to shout for help when Shakta and Giji pulled Capella back into the cab and Shakta gave Capella a gold piece. Both afraid that Capella would do something regrettable.

The group re-entered the Hardisty manor after the nearly averted crisis and the cab driver went on his way, still shaken but a gold piece richer because of it. Inside Huntington greeted his father excitedly and thanked him for sending such a competent group to rescue him. Hardisty rubbed the bridge of his nose and told his son to go wash up while he dealt with the trio.
He paid each of them ten gold. Capella, having had something of a rough day already tried to negotiate for a little more, reminding Hardist that they not only returned the necklace in a timely fashion but also managed to rescue his son, saving him a ransom payment.

Hardisty argued that he did not in fact hire them to save his son. He only mentioned it as an afterthought just in case his son happened to still be alive. He then questioned if Capella even know the worth of the gold he had paid. His patience wearing thin he dismissed the trio. Shakta, drawing upon her noble upbringing, politely requested that Hardisty keep them informed if any other jobs become available. Hardisty agreed in order to get the three to leave, and told them to leave their current address with his doorman.

Despite making the offer to get rid of the group, Hardisty will keep up his end of the bargain, as will the doorman if he hears anything from other servants or visitors. The three retired to an Inn called The Serpent’s Pub located in District 7 for the night.


Lasheck (Walked Away)
Hendereye (Knocked Unconcious)
Azer (Knocked Unconcious)
Tybaut (Killed)


Encounter XP: 1800
Saving Huntington: 300 xp
Recovering the Necklace: 10 gp each
Two Potential Contacts for future work (Huntington Hardisty II, Wyne)

Session 0

Today the players met to discuss the campaign and what they want going forward.

First it was agreed upon that we would have a serious campaign with room for lighthearted times. In the interest of keeping derailment and sidetracking to a minimum we decided to use a “Safe Phrase” to bring things back in focus. To that end it was decided that when things start getting out of hand the GM will use the phrase “For the Greater Good.”

Players will earn Experience on an individual basis. The GM will from time to time reward players with extra XP for particularly spectacular role playing, creative solutions, etc.

We will be starting at Level 1 with starting character wealth. Players can choose to take the Average, or Roll for starting wealth but once this decision has been made it cannot be changed. Any Pathfinder Race is allowed as well as certain custom races. The same is true for classes. Some races my require GM permission.

Stats will be determined by rolling 4d6 dropping the lowest. Roll for 7 stats and drop any one of them. Hopefully this helps to reduce very poor rolls.

The party will consist of a Fighter, a Cleric, a Sorcerer, and a Swashbuckler.

Finally the date of the next session will be
April 23rd at 6 P.M.

Campaign Guide
  • The DM is never — ever — playing “DM vs. Player.”
  • Some encounters will not be winnable through combat.
  • Sometimes the PCs will have to run to survive.
  • Retreat will usually, but not always, be possible.
  • Sometimes the PCs will have to surrender to survive.
  • Surrender by PCs will usually, but not always, be honored by enemies.
  • Sometimes the PCs will be insulted and even humiliated by enemies.
  • The DM is not out to kill PCs. The DM dislikes killing PCs.
  • PCs can die. Bad luck, bad tactics, foolish behavior, and even fair fights can kill PCs.
  • Cool and heroic actions will usually not count as bad tactics or foolish behavior.
  • Good storytelling involves setbacks, and those setbacks can sometimes be very serious.
  • Good storytelling also involves PCs bouncing back stronger from serious setbacks.
  • The ongoing goal for the campaign is good storytelling.
  • The end goal for the campaign is success and heroism for the PCs

Character Creation

Characters will be created using the High Fantasy Point Buy system as described in the Core Rule book. Using the point buy system, all stats start out at 10 and may be adjusted from there using points to purchase higher stats. High Fantasy allots 20 points for buying higher stats. Stats can be dropped lower than ten to add points to the pool. The cost for increasing and decreasing can be found on page 16 of the Pathfinder Core Rule book.

We will be using the Medium track for leveling up, which can be found on page 30 of the PFCB.

Experience Points

Experience will be awarded on an individual basis and it is possible for players to have different amounts of XP (And therefore different levels) based on their involvement in the game. Experience points will be awarded for creative solutions to encounters (Talking the Boss down, luring the enemy into a trap, etc), surviving encounters (Disabling a trap, defeating some enemies and running away, etc), and role playing (Acting in character, performing some feat of skill, etc), and the like.

Originality and creativity are greatly encouraged and will be rewarded in some form or another, be it an item granted free of charge because of a background story or in some other way. These will be assigned on an individual basis.

Classes and Races

There are no class restrictions or limitations. I want players to be able to enjoy the world I’ve created for them in a way they see fit.

Custom races can be created. If I create a custom race or approve a custom race I’ll add a link to it here.

About the GM

I hate diplomacy rolls. There is nothing worse than blowing off a chance at character interaction in favor of a dice roll. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put points into diplomacy, as diplomacy is not just the words you use but how you present yourself. So there will be times in which a diplomacy roll will accompany what you’ve said.

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