Tag: Human


  • Aži Dahāka

    [[File:552765 | class=media-item-align-center | 1200x1072px | colbycommish.png]] Azi Dahaka is the King of the desert kingdom of Aglar and has ruled for a half century. Those of his line tend to live longer than other humans, though no one knows why. As …

  • Lasheck Haatta

    A small time drug smuggler and theif. The party met Lasheck and his gang in a squat house in the poor district of Salence. After the party managed to completely dispatch his small gang, Lasheck gave them the necklace they were looking for, cut his …

  • Azer Alekson

    Azer is a thin man of average height who takes jobs where he can get them. Not being of any particularly great skill he manages to eke out a salvageable living often having to take jobs that could land him more trouble than they are worth.