Crilio floats not far to the north of Adaraa. It is known for it’s huge flat plains and cold climate. It’s capital city is Icemeet, nestled between the branches of the Saaq mountains. These large plains, unbroken by forest or mountains, coupled with it’s close proximity to the Arctic Plain, mean that the winds blowing south go unchecked and cause the temperature to be much cooler than Ucrana despite their similar latitudes.

Due to the long cold winters, Crilian natives tend towards hearty folk. The summers are too short for farming and never reach a temperature that someone from farther south would consider warm. Since so much of the Crilian people’s lifestyle depends on hunting, the wide plains are home to many tribes of nomads following various herds or game. They are skilled hunters and make the absolute most of every part of an animal that they kill.

Towns and Cities in Crilio are rare, and only crop up where permanent settlement makes it feasible to remain in one place. Lakes, Mountains, and trade routes all provide resources that would encourage a settlement to spring up.

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