Welcome to Aeon

Here on Aeon where oceans would ordinarily separate continents there is only a vast expnse of empty air. the continents float many miles above a permanent cloud barrier that none have ever sank below. Airships are everywhere on Aeon, as well as many other forms of aerial transportation, due to the trade that the continents have with one another, though of course the vast distance between continents means that travel can expensive and thus war between continents is rare. There are sometimes skirmishes between countries that share a continent, depending on leadership and alliances. And even though war between continents is rare, it is not unheard of, thus all the continents maintain at least a token military force.

Here magic is somewhat common, though it is not everywhere and some people have gone their entire lives without exposure to it. There are mage’s towers scattered across the landscape, days journey from any settlement. They exist as colleges and laboratories for the mages out there who wish to study their magic seriously or desire to research things farther. From the widely practiced magics of evocation and summoning to the whispered about tabuus of Necromancy, any mage can, with enough searching, find the things he needs- for a price of course.

Mages are not the only people in Aeon of course, it’s strange topography accommodates nearly every species of creature and race of humanoid imaginable. Barbarian tribes wander the planes, druids and rangers scout the forests, Elves make their homes in beautiful lands, Dwarves delve deep into the mountains looking for ores. All manner of creatures can be found wandering the land, some common others exotic.

10,000 years ago a Cataclysm swept over the land. No one can remember what life was like before it, or even what it really was. The details of the event have been lost to history and have become little more than a footnote in most of the history courses at the larger colleges.

The Trouble in Aeon

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