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The Tori are a race of humanoids with many bird like features. Physically speaking, a Tori posses a large, but short beak instead of a nose and pointy ears. This beak is used primarily to aid in breathing while flying, protecting their eyes, and to cover their human mouths. Tori also have wings on their arms that, when retracted, appear to just be long sleeves. Finally, a Tori has bird like talons for feet. Beyond the features listed a Tori is mostly humanoid, usually having white hair, red eyes, and dark skin.

The Tori are born without wings and do not receive them until they come of age at 5 years old. The Tori live on average 50 years.


The Tori live in tribes, mostly on mountains, using their abilities for flight for the purposes of delivering messages and packages, hunting, and foraging. Individual tribes usually are lead by a Chieftain, whose title is usually passed down to their firstborn child. Tori children are born without their wings, playing with tools such as ropes and grappling hooks to simulate flight. Once they come of age(5 years) they undergo a Trial of the Sky Spirit. This trial varies from tribe to tribe, but typically consists of the child journeying to the top of a great mountain alone and staying overnight. It is unknown how exactly this trial bestows wing to the Tori as each individual experience may be different. Some claim to wake with fully grown wings, some say their wing gradually started to grown after the trial. Some claim to have actually met The Great Sky Spirit, while some claim to have seen them in a dream. The only consistency between these experiences is a single scale that comes into possession to each Tori who completes the trial, but have no memory of when they obtain it. Tori who fail the trial or simply never undertake it may never obtain their wings.

The main Tori tribe lives in on Nasest Mountain in Crilio. The tribe as a whole makes their living by hunting, scavenging, and by doing deliveries for the other nomadic tribes of Crilio. Many Tori will fly out to make deliveries to tribes and do merchant business. Tori are generally given information of where the tribe is going to help locate them for future deliveries. Many tribes enjoy the Tori and treat them as invited guests, but some tribes can be known to be less friendly.

The Great Sky Spirit

The Tori believe in a Great Sky Spirit named Valoo who watches over them and grants them flight. They do not confuse Valoo with a god or a deity, but simply as a great spirit. Some believe that the Spirit takes the form in a great dragon, while others believe Valoo is a female Tori of immaculate beauty.

Tori Racial Traits

+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution: Tori are nimble and agile, but physically frail due to hollow bone structure for flight. Tori excel at interpersonal jobs such as messengers or envoys due to their friendly natures.

Medium: Tori are Medium creatures and get no special bonuses or penalties due to size

Slow Speed: Base Speed for a Tori is 20 feet. They also have a fly speed of 50 feet with average maneuverability. The Tori are capable fliers but their clawed feet make for slower overland speeds.

Hearty Flier: Tori receive a +4 racial bonus on Constitution checks and Fortitude saves to avoid fatigue and exhaustion, as well as any other ill effects from long flights and hot or cold environments.

Mountain-Born: Tori gain a +2 racial bonus on Acrobatics checks made to cross narrow ledges and on saving throws against altitude fatigue and sickness.

Flight: Tori receive their wings when they come of age. Thereafter they have a fly speed of 50 feet with Average maneuverability.

Talons: Tori receive one natural attack with the talons on their feet that deal 1d4 slashing damage.

Languages: Common, Avian
Bonus Languages: Auran, Draconic, Sylvan, Tengu,

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